Launch of a global Waterbird Populations Portal

Join our virtual webinar on 29 June 2021 from 14.00 – 15.00 CEST where we will launch the Waterbird Populations Portal (WPP), an online interactive platform that […]


Webinar series & guidelines: Creating sustainable mangrove aquaculture landscapes

Expanding shrimp aquaculture has been one of the main drivers of the loss of mangrove forests worldwide. Consequently, tropical mud coastlines have become vulnerable to […]


Mangrove green belt in Demak sees rapid mangrove recovery through fishpond conversion

The construction of permeable structures to trap sediment and encourage mangrove recovery along the eroding coastline of Demak in North-Java has gained remarkable traction around […]


Strategic Intent 2020-2030

It’s time to bring back our wetlands at the scale and pace needed to address the water, climate and biodiversity crises. By Jane Madgwick, Wetlands […]


Policy Analysis Guidelines in the perspective of Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Hopefully this guideline can be utilized properly by all users and can contribute to increase the capacity of Civil Society Organizations and other parties, especially in carrying out policy advocacy work related to strengthening community resilience in the future.


Sukarelawan Sains Warga AWC Indonesia: Agen Konservasi Burung Air dan Habitatnya

“Berawal dari perasaan maka akan muncul pemikiran untuk menjadi sukarelawan, selanjutnya akan diwujudkan dalam tindakan menolong orang lain”(Clary et al. 1992) Bertujuan baik bagi lingkungan Kutipan […]


The annual International Waterbird Census kicked off in the Asia-Pacific

From January to February one of the oldest and biggest annual citizen science programmes in the world takes place, the International Waterbird Census, coordinated globally […]


Continuing Indonesia’s nature-based coastal resilience through virtual outreach

Across the world, COVID-19 is impacting vulnerable coastal communities such as Demak, Northern Java. Here, the Building with Nature Indonesia consortium is working with coastal villages to reduce erosion, rehabilitate mangroves and revive local livelihoods.   The villagers own and maintain temporary […]


Building with Nature programme in Indonesia wins international Flood & Coast Excellence award

Our programme in Northern Java, Indonesia to stop coastal erosion through Building with Nature has won the prestigious Flood & Coast Excellence Award yesterday in […]


Indonesia builds on Building with Nature experience to accelerate climate adaptation

On November 19th, Indonesia showed itself as a pioneer in embracing the Building with Nature approach to help protect their eroding coastline. In a virtual event the Indonesian […]