Press Release : Celebrating World Wetlands Day 2018 in Indonesia – Wetlands for A Sustainable Urban Future

Half of the earth’s population, around 4 billion people, live in cities. Within the coming 35 years, it is estimated that this number is continuously […]


Urban Wetlands Make Vibrant Cities

On February 2nd every year, the world celebrates World Wetlands Day. This date was officially announced as World Wetlands Day since 1997, commemorating an international […]


For wildlife conservation, countries need good governance

Ede, The Netherlands, 20 December 2017 – Protecting an area for wildlife can work – but it works better in countries with robust political governance. […]


How to submit your Luc Hoffmann Medal nomination in 4 simple steps

So, you know a Wetland Champion who has shown outstanding leadership in wetland science, conservation or awareness raising? And you’d like to nominate them for […]


COP 23: The need for local action to sustain peatlands globally

Degrading peatlands contribute 5% of the total global anthropogenic emissions and increase disaster and climate risks. This side event will provide an opportunity for governments, […]


Indonesian Peatland Partnership Fund

DMG-Indonesia is partnership fund governed by Wetlands International, designed to support projects in community-based peatland conservation, restoration and sustainable development. Find out more about Indonesian […]


Besides Building with Nature Demak needs to tackle subsidence to safeguard coastline

Ten community leaders have signed agreements to help further restore their severely eroded coastline during a high level event organised by the Ministry of Marine […]


PRESS RELEASE : Too Much Hot Air – Current Failure of the Indonesian Pulp and Paper Industry to Reform Its Peatland Management

Jakarta, 10 August 2017 – Today, the Environmental Paper Network (EPN) and Jikalahari (Riau Forest rescue Network) are launching a report titled ‘Too Much Hot […]


Wetlands International Indonesia: 2016 Annual Report

Find out more about Wetlands International Indonesia’s activities in 2016.


Result of Waterbird Count in Indonesia: the Asian Waterbird Census 2016 as part of the International Waterbird Census 50

Wetlands International Indonesia in collaboration with Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry has been successfully organized the Asian Waterbird Census 2016, as part of the […]