RESTORE the Sinking Shore: mini-documentary showing how Indonesia battles coastal erosion by Building with Nature

We are experiencing a dangerous decline in nature: one million species are threatened with extinction, soils are turning infertile and water sources are drying up. […]


RESTORE: The Sinking Shore

Over 7 million people are facing alternating droughts & heavy rains in Central America, leading to food insecurity & migration. Watch how farmers are fighting […]


UN recognizes Building with Nature Indonesia’s efforts with World Restoration Flagship award

Montreal, 13 December 2022 – The United Nations has recognized the Building with Nature Indonesia initiative to protect Indonesia’s coast against flooding as one of 10 […]



Our Building with Nature Indonesia has been shortlisted as one of the first ten World Restoration Flagships! Join us on Tuesday, 13 December at 20.00 […]


Supporting the implementation of the Ramsar convention through the Global Mangrove Watch

Wetlands are critical resources for global biodiversity, water security, and carbon storage, but their global extent has declined by 35% from 1970 to 2015. The […]


Building with Nature in Indonesia: Restoring an eroding coastline and inspiring action at scale (2015-2021)

This publication summarises the interventions and insights from a landscape scale implementation of the Building with Nature approach between 2015 and 2021 in Demak, illustrated […]


Associated Mangrove Aquaculture (AMA) to build Nature-based coastal resilience and a blue economy in Indonesia

In Indonesia, mangrove destruction along the coast has resulted in massive coastal erosion. More than 30 million people in Java alone are at risk of flooding and brackish water invading their ponds.


Building with Nature : Stories of Change

The Stories of Change are accounts from women and men aquaculture farmers on how the Bio-rights mechanism used in the Building with Nature Indonesia programme […]


Senior Programme Developer – Building with Nature Asia

Wetlands International is the only NGO dedicated to the safeguarding and restoration of wetlands. At the heart of our vision is a plan to demonstrate […]


Technical Guideline ‘Building Sustainable Aquaculture through Coastal Field Schools’

Meaningful participation of local stakeholders, especially local communities, is key to successfully  Implementing and optimising any Building with Nature solution. In line with this principle […]