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Yus Rusila Noor is currently working at Yayasan Lahan Basah (YLBA) / Wetlands International Indonesia as Director. He has been working for the organization for the last 35 years, with a 4-years break for a study-works at the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), Texel, the Netherlands (1997 – 2001).

He started his career working on waterbirds programme, especially migratory waterbirds, in Indonesia, back to 1987. Since 2001, Yus expanded his working scope to the Project Management of wetlands works, including the pioneer works on peatlands and mangrove in Indonesia. He led one of the first international peatlands project in 2001 (Climate Change, Forest and Peatlands in Indonesia – CCFPI, in collaboration with Wildlife Habitat Canada), which turn to be one of the most important nucleuses for the inclusion of peatland on global climate change negotiation, of which Yus has been part of the Indonesian Negotiation Delegate on several consecutive years of UNFCCC.

Yus also led various important community-based wetlands projects, apart from his direct engagement on Biodiversity, Policy and CEPA works. Yus is currently the Ramsar CEPA NGO Focal Point for Indonesia, Advisor to the Ramsar Regional Centre East Asia and Expert Panel of the National Geographic Explorer.