02 Feb 2017 World Wetlands Day 2017: Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction

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Event Date: 2017/02/02
Venue: Indonesia

On World Wetlands Day people across the world will be celebrating wetlands and raising awareness of the role of healthy wetlands in reducing disaster risks. Visit the World Wetlands Day website to find an event in your area. Or, why not organise your own event and put it on the map! Our office are organising events for World Wetlands Day:

Thursday 2 February

Mangroves ecosystems in Indonesia: a strategic resource for a local sustainable economy and adaptation to climate change

During this seminar examples will be presented of community development activities in Indonesia where coastal communities have been given working capital to develop alternative livelihoods, whilst also restoring eroded coastlines and re-greening barren ponds with mangrove vegetation.

Speakers include Nyoman N. Suryadiputra, Head of Wetlands International Indonesia
Where : Italian Cultural Institute – Jakarta
When : 17.30 WIB

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Tuesday 16 February

Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction

Wetlands International Indonesia is organising a day of events including a drawing competition for students, birdwatching, presentations and mangrove planting. These activities aim to raise the participants awareness of the fact that damage to the coastal ecosystem poses a threat to all life forms and to the conservation of the Palau Dua Nature Reserve.

Where: Palau Dua Nature Reserve
When: 9:00 – 13:30 WIB