Peatland Brief: An Assessment of the ‘eko-hidro’ Water Management Approach

This policy brief questions the scientific basis of a range of claims in relation to the ‘sustainability’ of peatland drainage for plantations. The paper shows […]


Building with Nature Indonesia Design and Engineering Plan

This design and engineering plan will be used as preparation for the implementation of a large scale Building with Nature demonstration project in Demak, Central […]


Animation: restoring eroded coast Java by Building with Nature

Project partners are committed to drive the current Building with Nature innovation trajectory, by demonstrating the approach in a case study site in Demak. Successful […]


New study: 210 million people benefit from mangroves-associated fisheries

Some 210 million people live in low elevation areas within 10 km of mangroves and many of these directly benefit from mangrove-associated fisheries. Yet, these […]


Building with Nature Indonesia – Securing eroding delta coastlines

Indonesian coasts suffer from erosion, caused by sea level rise, mangrove conversion for aquaculture and groundwater extraction. In some places kilometres of land are lost […]


Community Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment in the Context of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

This assessment of vulnerability level and capacity at the sites mentored by WIIP was designed to ascertain the characteristics and frequency of hazards faced by […]


State of the art information on mangrove ecosystems in Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical archipelago with coastlines measuring a total length of 95,181 km, making it the country with the fourth longest coastline in the […]


Wetlands International Supervisory Council’s visit to Banten Bay mangrove planting sites

The Global Meeting of the Supervisory Council of Wetlands International took place from 14 to 16 June 2012 in Indonesia. The Council which is chaired […]


Partners for Resilience communities share knowledge, innovations at South-South Community Based Development Academy

Kupang, Timor, Indonesia – Representatives from 30 communities from our coastal and inland Partners for Resilience villages in Flores and West Timor, NTT  Indonesia, shared […]


Peatlands in Indonesia’s National REDD+ Strategy

Very large greenhouse gas benefits can accrue by prioritising investments in the active conservation and rehabilitation of peatlands. The draft National REDD+ Strategy of Indonesia […]