Strategic Intent 2020 – 2030 Wetlands International Indonesia

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The Wetlands International Indonesia, which is a metamorphosis of the global network of Wetlands International in Indonesia, has 40 years of experience in the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands in Indonesia.

We have practical knowledge in encouraging and carrying out real action together with local community, initiating and providing policy responses based on scientific data and information as well as bringing experience in the field to national, regional and global levels and at the same time bringing global practitioners to contribute to the on-the-ground initiatives. We wish to apply our long experience for the next decade in our Strategic Intent 2020 – 2030, aligned with the policy directions and development plans of the government of the Republic of Indonesia as well as the direction of wetland conservation and restoration activities at the global level. We also have the ambition to bring our experience and success in Indonesia to the regional and global level. This is possible because our parent organization, Wetlands International, has provided the flexibility to run the organization according to the operational needs of the organization at the national level, and at the same time carry the vision and mission of the organization globally. Changing the status of the organization to a national entity spurred us to be able to adapt our strategy by paying greater attention to various opportunities, including resources, at the national level.

The Wetlands International Indonesia Strategic Intent 2020-2030 was prepared by utilizing our communication network at various levels, so that it can be narrowed down to 5 thematic focuses that overshadow the planned action to be implemented. For this reason, we would like to express our gratitude for the various inputs in the long process leading up to the development of this document.

Strategic Intent 2020 – 2030 Wetlands International Indonesia