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Surveillance of wild waterbirds for Avian Influenza viruses in Lithuania

This a new paper on avian influenza in wild birds in Lithuania that was recently published in Lithuanian Journal of Veterinary.


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Hutan Bakau Dan Pesisiran Patai: Panduan Untuk Komuniti

Publication on Hutan Bakau from Wetlands International Malaysia

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As a side event of COP10 2008, Wetlands International Japan held a workshop titled "the Cultural Values of Wetlands: Case Studies from Agia."

The book reports the whole program/ speeches/ addresses, along with power point materials used during the session.


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Inventory of Bulgarian wetlands and their biodiversity

An inventory of Bulgarian wetlands and their biodiversity

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Ramsar Spirit and Wise Use of Wetlands

DVD introducing the concept of wise use with case studies from Ramsar Wetlands from throughout Japan.

Funded by the Japan Fund for the Global Environment

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Tidal Flat Benthos Survey Guidebook (Sendai Bay Version)

An easy-to-read manual for citizen-based participatory research on benthos organisms

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Program Kesedaran Alam Sekitar Wetland Kuala Gula Di Negeri Perak D.R.

Program Kesedaran Alam Sekitar Wetland Kuala Gula merupakan suatu projek penghayatan alam yang dijalankan oleh Persatuan Eko-pelancongan Keindahan Alam Laut Aktiviti Manusia (KALAM) Kuala Gula.

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Cartoon - Peatland degradation, a burning issue

Cartoon depiction of WI concerns on the degradation of tropical peatlands and the importance of UNFCCC in tackling this issue.

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Berat Sama Dipikul Ringan Sama Dijinjing

Marilah bersama-sama menanam pokok bakau untuk melindungi kediaman kita dan meningkatkan hasil tangkapan.

Persekitaran Dengan Hutan Bakau

Persekitaran Tanpa Hutan Bakau

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Hutan Paya Gambut-Suatu Ekosistem Hutan Berasaskan Air Hitam di Malaysia

Shows the distribution of peat swamp forest in Malaysia and benefits from these forest.

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Briefing paper: accelerating action to Save Peat for Less Heat!

Annual Review and Accounts 2014

Wetland Solutions for People and Nature

A recipe for resilience

Promoting Ecosystems for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation - Opportunities for integration

PEDRR policy brief for post-2015 Hyogo Framework

Animation: Reducing floods and land slides in the Philippines

The Future of Paper

Briefing negotiations UNFCCC February 2015 Geneva

Animation: restoring eroded coast Java by Building with Nature

Facts & figures on palm oil

Green economy with sustainable value chains

Call for Action on Agro Commodity Governance

Recommendations to the zero-draft of the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction                


Keep it fresh or salty

Position paper: Accounting for peatland hotspots in the new climate agreement

The Role of Mangroves in Fisheries Enhancement

A Review of Migratory Bird Flyways and Priorities for Management

Next steps for RSPO in relation to peatlands

Subsidence of peat soils in South-East Asia – Flooding risks in Sarawak

Mangroves for coastal defence


60 Years, 60 Beneficiaries

The importance of mangroves to people: a call to action

Partnering for Sustainable Business

Workshop: 'Making the business case for Building with Nature'

Annual Report and Accounts 2013

Wetlands International #WhatsInYourPaper

Our Achievements 2011 - 2013

Recommendations for the post 2015 Hyogo Framework for Action (HFAII)

Environmental Sustainability As part of the dutch WASH Alliance’s ‘FIETS’ strategy

La Durabilité Environnementale dans les projets eau, hygiène, assainissement de l’Alliance WASH Néerlandaise