We are dedicated to saving Indonesia's peatlands; they store huge amounts of carbon and are home to many threatened species, such as the Orang utan.

We restore mangrove forests and introduce sustainable shrimp farming in coastal areas, which have suffered degradation. We convince the Government of Indonesia and businesses to join us.

Indonesia is rich in waterbirds; it is home to about 380 species of these wetland dependent bird species. We research, monitor and protect their habitat in Indonesia and along their migration routes (flyways).

 The local community is our agent for change. From restoring mangroves to peatland fire brigades; we work through communities and make sure they  benefit.

Scientific knowledge is our base. By making sure that this knowledge is in the hands of the decision-makers, we promote wetland conservation at the policy level.



The response of mangrove soil surface elevation to sea level rise

Coastal ecosystems such as mangroves can reduce risk to people and infrastructure from wave damage and flooding. The continued provision of these coastal defence services by mangroves is dependent on their capacity to adapt to projected rates of sea level rise. This report explores the capacity of mangrove soil surfaces to increase in elevation in response to local rises in sea level.

Newsletter (Bah. Indonesia)

Warta Konservasi Lahan Basah - Vol. 23 no. 1

Wetlands International, saat ini  sedang mengembangkan dan menerapkan suatu kegiatan perbaikan wilayah pesisir melalui pendekatan “Membangun Bersama Alam”.  Kegiatan ini pada intinya memanfaatkan kekuatan (jasa) alam daripada melawannya, dan menyediakan kesempatan bagi alam itu sendiri untuk menjalankan fungsinya. Contoh kegiatan dengan teknik soft engineering tsb, tersaji pada kolom fokus kali ini.

Simak pula informasi-informasi menarik lainnya.



Wetlands International Indonesia Programme is the Indonesian branch of Wetlands International; the only global non-profit NGO dedicated the to the restoration and conservation of wetlands.

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